Health tip

Tooth paste

Imagine buying products, using for your health but not knowing what’s inside this. Creepy idea right? But still it happens to anyone a dozen times a day. From food, to the air you breath in. It is cra...

Health tip


Do you know why this is highly important? Because it is to get the right flow in your blood stream. You can have some cardio in the gym, but much better is to find an outside area where you can run ha...

Health tip

Clear mind

Having a clear mind is great for your health. In my case when I became an expat was choosing my international health insurance. There were so many out there, so many great providers which made my head...

Health tip

Eat healthy

Just as our first blog post we take things without knowing what are in them. This also include many forms of medicine. But more importantly our food. We don’t know where it truly comes from. How many ...