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Advanced Diploma in
Stress Management Course

Learn to recognise, manage and prevent stress with this professional level course, which is teaches you effective techniques and strategies.
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Foundation Course in Professional Hypnotherapy leading to Certificate in Hypnotherapeutic Studies

Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis make it possible for you to help people stop smoking, lose weight, build confidence, reduce stress, deal with anxiety, enhance sporting performance, even overcome phobias and panic attacks. Find out more...

Diploma in Smoking Cessation

Help your clients stop smoking when you complete our smoking cessation training. Prove to anyone they can quit and offer your services to help them achieve it.
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Diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn EFT Therapy and help restore balance to anyone's emotional and physical health. EFT training teaches you what EFT is and how tapping into emotions can transform bodies and minds.
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Diploma in Past Life Regression

Your diploma in Past Life Regression gives you the skills and techniques to delve into past lives and create a new career for yourself.
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Diploma in Anger Management

Our Anger Management course teach you techniques to help people control their anger issues and transform their lives. Free enrolment on Certificate in Assertion Training with this course.
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Reiki Healing - Diploma (Level 1 & 2)

Learn Reiki therapy through our Reiki training courses and you'll understand natural energy and its potential in healing body, mind and soul.
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment

Learn about natural methods IBS treatment. This training course will help you treat the symptoms of IBS and improve quality of life for thousands of sufferers nationwide.
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Certificate in Modern Psychology

Now you can unlock the secrets of human behaviour by taking our Modern Psychology course. This is a fundamental education on the leading figures, theories and research in psychology today and its use in natural therapies. Find out more...

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Diploma Distance Learning Courses and Home Study Programmes for Counsellors, Therapists, Psychologists and Natural Health and Holistic Therapy Practitioners

Which of our distance learning courses will unlock your potential?

Now you can start a natural health training course which delivers genuine value and quality.

Our distance learning courses and home study programmes in holistic therapy, natural health and complementary therapy help thousands of natural health practitioners, psychologists, counsellors, and holistic therapists develop new skills, treat more clients and grow their businesses every year.

It's not just professionals who are benefitting from our distance learning diploma courses. Many aspiring therapists and those seeking personal development love our courses, too.

We know they love them because they tell us. They let us know exactly what they need, we listen, and then we deliver it. Most of our students came to us because they were tired of other training courses that are over-priced, poorly delivered and offered meagre tuition. So we work differently.

With our certificate and diploma courses, you'll get everything you need to boost your skills: great learning materials and invaluable one-to-one tuition time your qualified tutor. Not only that, but you can also rely on our fair pricing and unbeatable service.

Discover our high quality Diploma and Certificate distance learning courses and home study programmes and start learning today!

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