Do you know why this is highly important? Because it is to get the right flow in your blood stream. You can have some cardio in the gym, but much better is to find an outside area where you can run has hard and long as you want. It’s free and it better for your nerves system and longs. Inside you have to deal with many other bacteria’s and of course artificial AC to keep it cool.


Outside is the place be. We started 4 years ago after having a huge depression. My husband lost someone close to him and it had a greater effect on him than he could have imagined.


We were getting into our health habits and started to jog outside. Already within a couple of weeks we saw a positive progress into our lives. We never stopped our running ever since and even on holidays we go run to explore a new country on a point of view, it’s amazing.
So, get out there and go run. Buy some good shoes and start running!